§ 1

General Provisions


  1. Tripnet Booking Platform is the property of Net-Investors Limited Liability Company Limited Partnership headquartered in Kielce, Szydłówek Górny 12C, 25-411 Kielce, entered in the register of businesses maintained by the Local Court in Kielce X Economic Division of the National Court Register at No KRS 0000544448, having the tax identification number NIP 6783061600 and REGON No 120727462, further in the document referred to as: Net-Investors.
  2. The Booking Platform is available at website address: www.tripnet.pl and it is intended exclusively for subjects conducting business activity.
  3. The website address of Net-Investors where the Booking Platform is available: www.tripnet.pl, the e-mail address: info@tripnet.pl
  4. Using the resources of the Booking Platform www.tripnet.pl shall be equivalent to acceptance of these Statutes, Contract and all terms included in the Booking Platform.
  5. The Statutes are available free of charge in a form enabling their downloading and saving at the website address: www.tripnet.pl/dokumentacja/ according to the Law dated 18 July 2002 on performing electronic services (Journal of Law No 144, item 1204 as amended, chapter 2, art. 8, section 1, subsections a and b) and each time their acceptance is necessary during the process of booking.
  6. The Partner may not use access to the Booking Platform for the purpose of publishing unlawful content.


§ 2

Technical Conditions


  1. Connecting with Booking Platform shall take place by means of digitally coded SSL protocol.
  1. The minimum system requirements: computer or another electronic device with the Internet access and supporting the Internet browsers:
  • Internet Explorer® version 10 and later versions,
  • Mozilla Firefox version 26 and later versions,
  • Google Chrome version 32 and later versions

as well as supporting Adobe® Reader® (the current version). An unlimited access to http protocols is required and to the main domain https of  www.tripnet.pl  service, an open access to “cookie” files, deactivated mechanism of blocking  “pop-up windows” and also switched off tools blocking the pop-up windows in the settings of the currently used Internet browser.

  1. The technical requirement for the Partner’s using Booking Platform and applying electronic mail is  the Partner’s having an e-mail address by way of which the e-mail messages may be received and sent.
  1. The content and information presented on the Booking Platform website (including the prices and availability), as well as the infrastructure applied for making the contents and information available shall be the ownership of Net-Investors or providers and / or the hotel facilities whose offer the Booking Platform uses.
  2. In order to be able to use the resources of the Booking Platform, it is required to pass to Net-Investors the e-mail address by means of which the Parties may exchange correspondence, as well as log in by the use of login and password. The login and password shall be made available following the Contract’s conclusion.
  3. In order to keep the highest standards during correspondence exchange, please keep the correspondence continuity for each of the discussed topics, especially while using electronic mail. It shall allow optimization of exchanging information related to a given case.


§ 3

Conclusion and Termination of Contract for Using the Booking Platform


Concluding and terminating the Contract for using the Booking Platform shall take place in written form under the rigour of nullity, individually with each Partner in form of a separate Contract. The Statutes specify the rights and obligations of the Parties within the scope not regulated by the Contract. The amendment of the Statutes shall not be considered as the amendment of the Contract. The rules of the Statutes amendment have been detailed in § 6.


§ 4

Types and Range of Services Performed by Net-Investors



  1. Bookings are available to individual clients and groups of clients.
  1. Types of rooms:
  • Single – a room for one person.
  • Double – a room for two people, usually with a double bed, without a guarantee of the number of beds in a room.
  • Twin – a room for two people, usually with two single beds, without a guarantee of the number of beds in a room.
  • Double for one person – a room for one person, usually of the standard double room size in a given accommodation facility.
  • Triple – a room for three people, without a guarantee of three full-size beds for each person.
  • Quadriple – a room for four people, without a guarantee of three full-size beds for each person.
  1. Objects categories and type of information presented on the Booking Platform.

The Booking Platform presents accommodation facilities of different standards and categories. Classification into categories is expressed in the form of stars, however please bear in mind that in view of collecting and presenting offers from different sources, we may not be held liable for discrepancies resulting from differences following the local legal or customary regulations concerning  the standards or categories of accommodation facilities that may not correspond to the standard of the facilities in Poland. Net-Investors stipulates they shall not be liable for discrepancies in designation of hotel standards applied in different states.

  1. Booking for Individual Clients:

4.1 In order to make reservations for individual clients, it is necessary to select an interesting offer using the option “New Booking”.

It is required to provide the minimum of the following details in order to select an offer:

  • Travel destination (optionally: the state and city/town),
  • Date of stay “from” and “until” (possibly “from” and “number of days”),
  • State of origin (the system displays by default Poland as the country of origin, but in case of clients of other nationalities, a proper selection must be made by using an unfolding list),
  • The type of room (at one inquiry it is possible to select maximum 4 (four) rooms, also not of the same type, with the stipulation that the number of people may not exceed 9 (nine) in all rooms, including children over the age of 2 years.

4.2. Each child over 2 years of age (on the date of check-in) ought to be notified in the booking within the option of an additional bed.

4.3. Infants – which refers to children under the age of 2 years (on the check-in date) require  notification at the time of offer selection within the option of a  crib and each time their presence must be indicated by adding a proper note to the booking. The place for an infant is confirmed immediately with the Provider, thus confirmation of the booking on the Booking Platform shall not guarantee confirmation by the Provider and shall not be equivalent to concluding a contract of accommodation in that respect.  Confirming a place for an infant shall be notified to you by an additional e-mail, which shall be included in a hotel voucher. In case notification has not been made, or the infant’s presence has not been indicated, at the time of booking it is stipulated that it shall be impossible to cancel the booking free of charge in view of lack of confirmation of the place for the infant by the Provider. Therefore, please pay special attention to the fact while booking.

4.4. Following accomplishment of the selection process, the results meeting the earlier specified criteria shall be presented.

4.5. All the facilities’ descriptions are provided in English. Should you have any doubts regarding the contents or the form of description, please contact our office immediately – we stipulate the right to reject all the complaints delivered by the Client or Partner during the stay at the facility or afterwards.  We stipulate expressly that we bear no liability for a failure to provide the accommodation service if particular information was included in the description but was misunderstood, distorted in translation or misled the Client or Partner without a prior attempt to explain doubts, as each time before the Client avail themselves of booking we are at the Partner’s disposal providing assistance in checking all the information published by us.

4.6. After an offer’s selection, please read the information on terms of cancellation and Providers’ notes. The terms of cancellation and Providers’ notes are an integral part of the accommodation contract as long as they do not contradict these Statutes. Following pressing the “Booking” button, a transfer to the booking form shall take place. Please fill in the booking form carefully, and above all please include all and full details of the client, without diacritical marks. In order to finish the booking process, please read and accept the terms specified in the booking form by marking appropriate spaces. Before acceptance, all terms may be open, downloaded and saved, as well as passed on to the Client before their final acceptance. Please include additional information in “Comments” space. In particular, each arrival after 6 p.m. on the date designated as check-in date at the local time for a facility must be definitely mentioned in the booking form’s “Comments”. Lack of information of a late arrival may result in cancellation of booking according to the rule “no show” (which means the booking was not made available of but at the same time there is an obligation to incur the cost of stay).

4.7. Any “Comments” (among others, requests concerning  additional services, smoker and non-smoker rooms, early and late check-in and check-out) delivered by the Partner shall be passed on to the Providers, however their complying with may not be guaranteed.

4.8. Having filled in the form and having accepted the terms, please press “Booking” button in order to finish the booking process. The reservation shall obtain the system number and proper status. Information on making the reservation and its status shall be sent to the Partner by e-mail at the e-mail address specified by them. At the moment the Partner collects the “Voucher”, the accommodation contract between Net-Investors and the Partner is concluded. In case the Partner receives from Net-Investors an e-mail message including confirmation of booking, but not generating a “Voucher” by the Partner, or a lack of cancellation while the booking cost-free  cancellation is possible, the Partner may be obliged to cover the cost of damage occurred for Net-Investors in the relation with the Provider.

4.9 In case of confirmed reservations, in order to buy them out, it is necessary to generate and download “Voucher”. The “Voucher” is a travel document, necessary to carry out the check-in procedure in a hotel facility and possessing it is required at the time.

4.10. Until the “Voucher” is generated, Net-Investors shall provide at each Client’s or Partner’s request, by phone or e-mail, information about facilities meeting the criteria specified by the Partner, with reference to the searching process, in particular the information regarding the facility classification, traffic connection with the facility, additional services available at the facility, attractions offered in the place the facility is situated.

4.11. Bookings, as well as the earlier presented options, have a designated date of charge-free cancellation or information of the lack of such option. Until the date referred to as the date of charge-free cancellation, until 1 p.m., the commission and cancellation are not connected with any additional costs (the date is considered to be complied with if during the time booking is delivered to Net-Investors) – please pay attention each time to the comments from the providers and booking terms, presented in connection with the offer, which may include additional information concerning the dates and possible charges related to cancellations, which are binding following the effective booking. The information is an integral part of the accommodation contract, as far as it does not contradict the Statutes. At cancellation commissioning, written form is absolutely required , whereby maintaining the written form shall also concern sending e-mail messages or using appropriate buttons on the Booking Platform. The button enabling cancellation from within the system is available for bookings where charge-free cancellation is possible, and the booking is confirmed or confirmed with the Voucher – in all other cases the button is unavailable and please contact our office directly then.

4.12. For the options and bookings where the date of charge-free cancellation is earlier than or corresponds to the booking date, special attention must be paid to the terms including the information of lack of charge-free cancellation.

4.13. In case of bookings where the date of charge-free cancellation passed, and the Client wishes the booking cancellation or amendment, and especially a shorter stay, it must be remembered that the operations may be related to additional costs. In particular,  Net-Investors shall not be obliged to consider the Partner’s request if the Partner did not conform to the rules of charge-free cancellation indicated in the Statutes or to the information and comments passed on by the Providers.

4.14. Any amendments must be made in writing, whereby keeping the written form shall be also considered in case of: (i) sending appropriate information using a form included in the booking details, (ii) sending information by e-mail to the address info@tripnet.pl

In the reply you will be informed immediately of possibilities of amendments for a particular booking. “Immediate” reply shall mean 24 hours from the date of Provider’s reply of a possibility of making amendments in case of a particular service. Please bear in mind that following the amendments, we shall not guarantee the next confirmation of booking, either with the amendments introduced or the return to original version.

4.15. The charge related to cancellation following the lapse of  charge-free cancellation period, shall refer to a minimum of the first overnight stay including all rooms and persons to a maximum of the full booking sum. In case the Client does not appear at the hotel (“no show”), the rules identical as in case of charge-free cancellation period lapse shall apply.

4.16. Net-Investors shall make all endeavors to minimize the cancellation costs, however the amount of charge shall depend on the agreements and contracts between the hotel facilities, services providers and Net-Investors – in each case when Net-Investors is charged with cancellation charges by a hotel facility or the Provider, the Partner shall receive a relevant invoice from Net-Investors. Net-Investors stipulates they shall not be liable for the amount of cancellation charges, as long as the charges have been specified in the comments or information delivered by the Providers.

4.17. We wish to remind you that commissioning cancellation for a booking after the lapse of charge-free cancellation period shall not be the grounds for amendments of charges or terms of payment based on the issued invoices.  Information of any possible amendments of charges or terms of payment shall be sent to you directly after it is received by Net-Investors from the Provider or hotel facility, and to the issued invoices and vouchers appropriate corrections shall be sent.

4.18. Net-Investors shall not be liable for providing information about the required travel documents  and they stipulate no liability for damages caused by the lack or fault in the documents in possession of the Partner or the Partner’s Clients. The information related to visa or passport requirements in a given country may be received directly from the diplomatic posts.

4.19  Net-Investors shall be liable for a failure to perform or inadequate performance of a service only up to the sum incurred by the Partner as the service purchase price. In case of so called  Overbooking (it is a situation in which the hotel where the room was initially booked may not provide accommodation to the Partner’s Clients because more rooms were sold than there are on offer in a facility). The hotel as a rule assures accommodation in an alternative hotel then.  The Partner may refuse acceptance of the alternative, although in such a situation they are not vested in claims against Net-Investors. If the Client accepts the alternative, they may notify Net-Investors of the so called Overbooking occurrence, which shall be immediately passed on to all the interested parties of the agreement,  but the Client shall not be vested in any additional compensation by way thereof. If the Client does not accept Net-Investors’ alternative,  Net-Investors shall not be liable for the so called Overbooking exceeding the necessity of returning the sum of service purchase price paid by the Partner.

4.20. Vouchers for cancelled or amended reservations lose their validity at the moment they are cancelled or amended. The loss of Voucher’s validity shall result in termination of a contract between Net-Investors and the Partner. Net-Investors stipulates they shall bear no responsibility for any problems related to the fact of  an invalid, improper Voucher held by the Client or a complete lack of Voucher during the Client’s stay in a hotel facility.

  1. Group reservations:

5.1. For the number of over  9 (nine) people per one booking or in case the number of 4 (four) rooms is exceeded, a group offer enquiry must be made. In such a case, please send to the email address: info@tripnet.pl  an inquiry including the following details:

  • destination;
  • dates of stay / number of days;
  • number of people;
  • number and type of rooms;
  • catering required;
  • budget per person per one day;
  • full name of the individual responsible for carrying out the offer on the Partner’s side, as well as e-mail address and telephone number of such a person.

5.2. Within 3 (three) weekdays, information concerning the offer / offers meeting the criteria of enquiry or the lack of such criteria shall be sent onto the e-mail address specified by the Partner. Possibly, we shall ask you to complete the details if we find they are missing in the enquiry, which shall influence the time of response as only the commissions containing full details shall be considered; at the same time 3 (three) weekdays must be considered from the date of passing all the required data. We stipulate the right to refuse to process an enquiry about a group offer in case the providers or hotel facilities representatives inform us of processing the same commission by another subject or directly by the Client.  If within 3 (three) days we do not obtain any offers meeting the specified criteria, an email including relevant information shall be sent to the email address specified by the Partner.

5.3. Each offer sent shall be accompanied by special conditions on which a group booking may be made  – they shall have the priority of application regarding a particular offer over other system terms and statutes, including  those of the Statutes concerned. In particular, attention must be paid to the terms of payment and cancellation dates. In all cases not regulated by special terms for a group offer, the provisions of these Statutes shall apply.

5.4. As regards other issues, the above provisions regarding bookings for individual Clients shall apply.


§ 5



  1. It is recommended the Partner should file a complaint when the accommodation service is performed.
  1. The period of complaint is over within 7 days from the date of accommodation service completion.
  1. The Partner acknowledges that acceptance of the complaint by Net-Investors depends on the procedures adopted by the hotel service Provider, as well as on the very place of accommodation.
  1. Any complaints shall require a written form and ought to be sent immediately following the circumstances that provided the reason for a complaint by a registered letter, either directly to the Supplier or by mediation of Net-Investors. Each complaint sent to us must include a detailed description of the situation occurred and must be accompanied by all documents that may be completed in order to process the case.
  1. Net-Investors shall be liable for a failure to perform or inadequate performance of the obligation up to the extent and scope it occurred as a result of deliberate fault of Net-Investors. Net-Investors shall make all endeavors to pass on each complaint to the Supplier, and in case the Supplier accepts it and assigns some renditions by way thereof, Net-Investors shall enable the Partner, or the Client by their mediation, to avail themselves of such renditions.
  1. Net-Investors stipulates they shall not be responsible for the storage of luggage; accommodation service shall not include the service of luggage storage, which is related directly to the accommodation facility;
  1. Net-Investors stipulates that using the Booking Platform shall take place exclusively at the Partner’s expense and risk. They do not provide any guarantee either that using the Platform shall be fault, flaw or break free or free from a lack of possibility to connect with the Booking Platform. They provide no guarantee either that the search result shall meet the Partner’s requirements as to the substantial content, precision or usefulness of the acquired information.


§ 6

Amendment to the Statutes


  1. Amendment to the Statutes by Net-Investors takes place by publishing new or amended contents of the Statutes in tripnet.pl service.
  1. The Partner declares they acknowledge that in view of a query about the Statutes acceptance each time a Booking is made, it is the Partner’s exclusive decision to become acquainted with the Statutes’ current contents at each Booking. Effective Booking shall be equivalent to the Statutes acceptance as on the date of making a Reservation.