Technology and security


Proprietary technology used in the Tripnet booking platform is a basis of our product and the starting point to provide the top quality service.

Such advanced technology actually reduces operating costs and increases revenues of our Partners. We continuously endeavour to automate all processes to provide our Partners with the most effective and productive solutions.

XML / API Technology

The Tripnet XML/API solution gives our Partners an access to the huge hotel database via an XML/API interface for a host-to-host connection to their booking systems. Our XML/API is free, flexible, does not require a licence and allows selecting the information which can displayed in a user-defined format in the Partner’s booking system. We offer a support from our IT Department during the entire integration process and connection certification.


At Tripnet we understand the importance of security and  trust. We use an encrypted SSL link for, amongst others, secure logging to the Tripnet system and protection of data transmission and of the credit card data.


The most demanding Partners can enjoy advanced functions for an enhanced security of use and access to the Tripnet system:

  • logging to the system from defined IP addresses
  • requirement for a strong user password
  • cyclical, automatic enforcing the password change
  • expanded messages about events in the system
  • defining advanced rules and rights
  • monitoring untypical user behaviour, and many others.